Research Projects

Knowledge Distillation for Transformer Based NLP Models (2021 - 2022)

Deep Learning Pose Prediction on Drone Imaging of Whales (2021)

  • This is a semester-long project I am working on under the guidance of Dr. David Johnston at the Marine Robotics and Remote Sensing Lab (MaRRS) which is housed at the Duke Marine Lab (DUML) facility on Pivers Island, Morehead City, NC.

  • Project description: I am creating and training a deep learning framework for the task of pose prediction on drone videos of whales taken around the globe. We are currently looking at Minke whales, Blue whales, and Humpback whales. The goal of this project is to provide behavioral scientists with a quantifiable mechanism to track and predict an animal's movements.

  • Results: Playlist

  • Manually labeled whale (right), neural network predicted whale (left); Blue whale:

FLOPs Aware Deep Learning (2021)

This is a project I worked on through the Department of Energy Summer Undergraduate Learning Internship Program. I worked with the Leadership Computing Facility's (ALCF) Data Science team at Argonne National Laboratories (ANL) with Dr. Kyle Felker and Dr. Taylor Childers.


Computer Organization Teaching Assistant (2021 Spring and Summer)

  • I served as a Teaching Assistant for Computer Organization (COMP 311) under Dr. Henry Fuchs at UNC Chapel Hill. While this is not a research project, this TAing experience got me really interested in computer architecture, and it is a field I would love to study further/conduct research in some day.

  • Responsibilities: Create and grade homeworks, labs, quizzes, and tests. Host office hours to assist students with conceptual and assignment related questions.

FlyBy CNN (2020-2021)

Detection of Atypical Neurodevelopment in Infants Using PCA and KMeans Clustering (2020)

  • This was a final research project that I completed for my Introduction to Machine Learning Class (COMP 562) at UNC, Chapel Hill. The code we used to uncover these results is available in the GitHub repository below, however, due to HIPPA regulations, the data is not provided. Citations are listed at the bottom of the paper.

  • GitHub repo for project


Global Extra-Axial Cerebrospinal Fluid Investigation (2019 - ongoing)


Rubiks Cube Solver in C (2019)

  • Fun project to build a Rubik's cube solver from scratch - not very clean code. I came up with a "catch-all-cases" algorithm by tinkering around with a Rubik's cube, so it is definitely not very efficient. Let me know if you find a bug in the algorithm/code.

  • GitHub code for project

Graph Theory - Reversed Arcs Investigation (2018)

  • This was the final project for my high school Introduction to Proofs and Graph Theory class at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics where we investigated reversed arcs. See paper below for findings.

  • GitHub repo for project