Contact Mansi for commissions, questions, or inquires at mansisakart@gmail.com

Artists Statement:

Mansi Sakarvadia is an avid painter and illustrator who loves to explore a diverse variety of subject matter through her art.

Common themes in her bright and bold artwork are women and nature. She especially enjoys portraying strong, independent, and beautiful women from all walks of life in her paintings. Through her art, she hopes to be an avid advocate for equality among all groups of people - especially women.

She also tries to weave elements of nature into all her works. Her passion for the natural world grew from the countless hours she spent exploring the woods behind her childhood home and watching Animal Planet as a child. She hopes to one day experience the natural wonders she saw on television in person, but until then, she is content incorporating flora and fauna in her paintings. She is extremely passionate about environmental conservation and sustainable living and hopes to spread her enthusiasm for these topics through her art as well.

Besides her art, Mansi supports the causes near to her heart through micro-financing. She recognizes that ethical entrepreneurism is an amazing avenue to support marginalized groups and help them become independent business owners. She likes to support women-owned businesses and environmentally friendly businesses through small loans on kiva.org and encourages others to explore the benefits of micro-financing as well.

When she isn't painting or drawing, she is a full-time Ph.D. student studying computer science. She enjoys participating in research groups to grow her knowledge and explore the many wonderful applications in computer science and math. In the past, she has been involved in a plethora of research projects focused on computational neuroimaging applications, deep learning, computational marine science, and cost-aware machine learning. Currently, she finds herself participating in research at the intersection of machine learning and high-performance computing; she hopes to continue getting involved in many more research projects throughout her studies experience.